Saturday, April 07, 2007

Future Me

Holy crap you guys. Last night something weird happened. I mean, I realize it didn't ACTUALLY happen but... well, just listen.

Ok so I'm doing the Made Up Musical at the Magnet last night just as I do every Friday night. When I walk in John O'D says to me "Glennis... I thought you were in Mexico this week" to which I'm like what? What are you talking about? I went like a month ago! (How I wish I WAS in Mexico this week... sigh) So we figure out that it must have been a miscommunication because I accidentally sent out a mailing list email (want to be on my mailing list? yeahyado! click here, bitches.) that was from like a month ago.. ANYWAY long story. So he misread it and thought I was gone and asked two peeps to play that night for the MUM show. No problem, we all do the show, including the two new peeps, and everything's fine.

Now, if you haven't seen the show, when we go out on stage we usually stand against the back wall while John O'D interviews someone from the audience about where they grew up and that becomes the basis on which our musical is created. So he asked last night "anyone grow up anywhere interesting?" and a dude raises his hand and the house lights come up and the dude starts talking about his home town.

I'm standing next to Eliza and we both at the same time kinda notice this girl sitting in that same row, but about 5 seats away, covering her face. It's one of those "oh god I'm so embarrassed he's talking" face covers but she's so far away I'm not sure she knows him. I'm not sure how it came up but I think Eliza said something about her being a relative or being "me" from another dimension and then I said, "oh my god you're right! She's me from the future!" and Eliza says, "and she can't show her face because of the space/time continuum! And she's here but didn't think YOU'D be here because everyone thought you were going to be in Mexico!"

I mean we're whispering this to each other, staring at her, while we're on stage in front of an audience and John is interviewing someone. Assholes.

But here's the thing... she looked like me. It was fucking CREEPY. Before the show started I looked out into the audience because there was no one in the booth and they were taking a long time to bring us out to start the show. So I looked out and I kinda scanned the audience and said "oh look, there's Kate and Mike!" and then looked a little further to the right and in my head I said, "that girl looks like my sister" except she looked nothing like Kelsey, she looked like me. It was weird but I kinda dismissed it and then they started the show.

So we're back to me and Eliza talking on stage and we were like "holy crap!" and then we did the show and I kinda forgot about it.

After the show we're all at the Triple Crown and Tara (who's in the show with us) says to me, "Hey Glennis... did you have any friends in the audience?" and I said, "yeah, my friend Kate and her boyfriend" and then I ask why and then Tara says "cuz there was a girl out there that looked EXACTLY LIKE YOU" and then Becky Drysdale (who was one of the people who sat in on our show) says, "yeah! Jean and I had a show before the Made Up Musical and we both saw her out there and thought she was you which was why I thought it was strange that you acted like you hadn't just seen our show when I saw you."


Both Eliza and I go "OH MY GOD YES! WE SAW HER!" and then went on and on.

On my MySpace profile where it says "Who I'd Like To Meet" I write "My doppelgänger" so I think this is probably as close as I'm going to get.

Unless, you know, it really WAS me from the future. But why the hell am I back here!? What could my possible mission be!? Oh my god, great is this!?

Also, it should be noted that should I come face to face with my doppelgänger or my future me the meeting would look something like this:

Just warning you, future me.



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