Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm a Winner!

Saturday I ran my first race, along with Spo and Hammy. We ran the Circle of Friends Mini 10k (6.2 miles) beginning in Central park on 59th Street and ending in Central Park right at Tavern on the Green. There were lots of hills but I used my "tiki tiki run" method that they taught us in training and it wasn't so hard! The race as a whole was not too bad. I kept the same pace for the whole thing (after getting a really slow start because of all the ladies in my way) But, at the end, knowing I had 1 mile left to go, I busted out and ran hard. My final time was 1hr 1min and 37secs (which I like to say is actually under an hour because, like I said, I got a slow start). I came in 1,110th place (which is one place BEHIND what I was yesterday when I checked online so I guess someone paid them to move them up one place? Whatever, I'm cool with 1110th. Nice and even number. And I don't CHEAT!) and I ran a 9:36 mile. That's me with my medal after the race. (My 1,110th place medal!)

(Taken after I devoured a plate of french toast and bacon with not a twinge of guilt.)

This is the woman who came in 1st place. She ran 6.2 miles in 31 minutes and 27 seconds.

She's a professional runner. She won $10,000 for this race. Professional runner! What a job! She's a little my hero.

Also, I want to leave you with an image that will, hopefully, be burned into your eyes for all time. So much so that you'll never be able to look at me the same way again.

Ladies and Germs, I give you:

SEPARATED AT BIRTH (a.k.a. The Worst Picture Ever Taken)

(that's Tow Mater from the new Pixar movie "Cars")


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