Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Dream of Dancing

So last night was awesome.

#1 my man was back from LA and I always get so excited to see him again. Even though he was only gone for 3 days this time. And even if he's only gone for 1-2 days, it takes me a little while to "get used" to him again. It's not like I'm being rude and punishing him for leaving, I swear. I just look at him and go "who ARE YOU" for a second and get kinda silly and shy. Then I'm done and return to regular programming. i.e. kicking ass and kissing him in public!


Got to see Radiohead at MSG. I love Radiohead so much and their concerts are always kick ass!! But this time it was a little less "!!" cuz they kept playing new songs. Normally I'm all for that, love to hear the new stuff, but I think it was too much new stuff. Like my H put it, "they lost momentum." I agree. But it did lead me to my #3...

While watching Radiohead last night and dancing (in one spot very subtly) and hearing this amazing music and the lights and all the people grooving together I realized that I need to get a real, permanent space for Dance Dance Party Party. Now I know what you're saying, that's crazy. But you are a Nay Sayer! Yes you are! Because it can be done. I'm saving my beans. I want a space that's like a club but for working out so there are dressing rooms to change in. And I want an AWESOME sound system and lights. And Liz Black will decorate it like a 70s rec room. And it will be AMAZING. So if anyone has any leads on commercial space that fit the bill, please please let me know.

Oh and that leads me to #4 (not about last night either but it's on this list I'm making): I designed some DDPP t-shirts. They are very rough ideas, but again the amazingly talented Liz Black helped me with the idea and I think it's amazing! I've yet to get it approved by my DDPP co-hort, but I just can't contain my love for them anymore. I must post them!! Enjoy!!


Liz said...

I mean, just so you can visualize, when Glennis says it will be decorated like a 70's rec room, she means the rec room of your friend whose mom was a health freak and had stuff like an ExerCycle and one of those machines with a strap around your butt that just shakes the fat outta you. And also a shag rug and a really big God's Eye on the wall.

Snow White said...

The shopping cart t-shirt is SO mine!

Anonymous said...

Hi, those shirts are so cute? Maybe a pencil sharpener too??