Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow?

I watched The Wizard of Oz on tv this weekend and for the first time realized just how amazing that movie really is. How perfectly cast is it? Tell me you don't want to marry a guy just like the Tin Man (post red plastic hearty-mabob transplant). And the witch? So scary. Remember how much you wanted to be Dorothy? (I'm talking to you, gay men) And the munchkins. The Munchkins!

After the movie they had a short interview with a woman from Filmaid International. I'm really into this thing, you guys. They travel to refugee camps across the globe and show films like The Wizard of Oz to people in the camps.

I know...food, water, love... all that is desperately needed. But imagine living a life of solitude and sadness and then one day seeing Oz. Imagine the psychological benefits. Imagine how much joy it brings! So I donated to the organization and I think, if this is something you find as heartwarming as I do, you should too.

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