Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lego my ego

What a cruel, sick world.

What kind of a twisted world do we live in when I, Glennis McMurray (the small and meak)

am put in an audition room with this... this... JUST THIS

I was discrifrumpinated. I was frumpscriminated. I was ignored!

Not to be a Horatio Horn Blower, but hey.. casting lady? Just cuz I MAY be having a bad hair day and just because I MAY be 15-20 lbs heavier than her and just because I don't grace the clouds with my incredible giantous stature... doesn't mean you can't listen to what I did this summer! You listened to her talk all about her marathons... blah blah blah (whimper). I have bad knees! Like... wha... I... I...


She's totally a nice girl too.

I'm going to go eat some tear-soaked bagels.

1 comment:

Lizbian said...

thats not even a bad picture of glennis. thats her senior year of high school picture. Poor Glennis.