Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knee Deep in LA

Y'all this week has been bananaballs!!

First of all I have to say we had a crazytown good time at Dream Role last night. Sold out the UCBT LA at 11pm on a Tuesday! We'll be back to do the show again and if you'd like to be a part of it here are the submission guidelineballs. Sold out! WHAT THE DINK!?

But srsly y'allz when I say I am knee deep in LA I MEAN IT.

-Lindsay Lohan is suing
-Corey Haim died (RIP)
-Ben Stiller shared my airspace

LA has vomited all over me. (God, Heather bulemia is soooo '87)

First of all, more on Lindsay soon.

Re: Ben Stiller, well his sister was in the show - the FABULOUS Amy Stiller performed as Jane Fonda in Klute (nailed it!) - but the important part is he is famous. And was there. (See how much I've already changed, LA?)

And it really is so sad about Corey Haim, guys. Another soul chewed up by the Hollywood monster. We drove into the apartment complex last night and saw an ambulance and firetruck outside one of the buildings. Who would have guessed that's what was happening. So sad! RIP.

I'm staying in bed today.



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