Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend Bust Out!

This past weekend Matty and I decided we'd had enough of NY and all it's conveniences at our fingertips! We were going to rough it! Take it to the streets! Live in canvas tents and romp nude through the woods!

... or just drive up to Providence and back. But oh was it ever close to the experience I just provided!

Friday we set off in our fancy shmancy Zipcar (with a very convenient pick-up location 3 blocks from my house) in the snow. Boy was there ever snow. But our little Mazda "Mandi" handled like a dream. A good dream. Not a nightmare. Don't get it twisted.

We set on up the Henry Hudson Parkway to I-95, me in the drivers seat Matty rocking out to something on the radio, when Matt picks up the water from the center console and says, "this water is cold!" and takes a big gulp. Imagine everything from this moment on in slow motion...

I think: "That's cuz it's been in the car!"
Then: "...overnight!"
Followed by: "wait... where did he get water?"
My head slowly turns and I say, "Matty...where did you get that water?"

He looks down, mortified... "WHERE DID THIS WATER COME FROM!?!"

Oh man I almost crashed the car it was so funny/disgusting/hilarious/HILARIOUS. Poor Matt drank someone else's water - the previous Zipcardigan's water. WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHO THAT WAS!!?! Gross. Poor Matt! And the worst thing about it? It was raspberry flavored water. Nothing worse than flavored water in my absolutely certain opinion.

But we persevered! Switched seats 1/2 way through the trip when the weather got really bad and saw about 6-8 cars on the side of the road. A few were bad accidents, some were just slipnslides but one things for certain: it did not at all stop people from zipping past us at 60+ miles an hour as we puttered along (safely) in the slow lane. Idiots.

We arrived in Providence at around 5pm just in time, I thought, to attend DDPP Providence. I've never been to another DDPP before and I was super excited but the snow was way too much so they had to cancel. Bummer! But it gave us more time to spend with Matt's brother and sister-in-law and the cutest baby of all time: Grace Cassidy McCarthy. I mean COME ON... she is amazing. And do you want to know the absolutely best thing about this baby aside from her kick-ass attitude and huge brain?? She rocks out to Zeppelin. You heard me. The little squirt knows her music! While eating cheerios we put on a Zeppelin doc on the TV and she was ENTRANCED. Every time a song started she started rocking out. Amazing! If my kids love Zeppelin I'll die. Just DIE.

Let's see what else did we do. Rocked out my credit card at Target and got a new yoga mat. Tried to sled on a styrofoam boogie board (hilarious. please try it.). Oooh'd and aaah'd over the cutest baby ever. Sigh.

While at Target we purchased some $10 cds for our car ride home including a best of Beach Boys. Dammit you guys that music is amazing. So rich and deep and textured and all those other music terms they use to describe great music. We listened to Help Me Rhonda like 20 times and I remembered how much Little Surfer Girl makes me sad even though the lyrics are sweet. They don't write songs like these anymore.

Back in NY Sunday night we watched parts of the Oscars (even though I am so not into award shows) and Marion Cotillard made me cry. Matt and I set to the task of putting a reel together for a meeting I had with the Broadcast Dept at my agency Monday morning. We got a late start and by 2am I was stupid tired. Matt ushered me into the bedroom and stayed up until 5am finishing it. Ladies... that is a man right there. AMAZING. (Oh and he's my soon to be roommate... hollah!)

All in all I'd say our weekend was pretty darn close to perfection even if there was no nude forest romping to be had.

Hope yours was fab as well.



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