Friday, July 21, 2006


As most of you know, I love me some medical dramas. Especially if they're real. But hey, I'm not picky. I still watch ER when I can so you KNOW I'm not picky. So secretly in the back of my mind I've always wanted something truly horrific to happen to me. But not really. You know, how you can be like, "how thrilling would it be to be in a car crash. like a really bad one!?" but of COURSE YOU DON'T REALLY WANT IT TO HAPPEN. I don't REALLY want a flesh eating bacteria, but man that is the coolest thing EVER, right you guys?

Well, I got my dream. Kind of. Maybe not. Just listen.

I've been running lately and had been doing really well. All in prep for this marathon thing. Any PATRICK SwayZE (thank you, Liz, for that beautiful pun) I really love running. You're getting somewhere, you are outdoors, you feel great after. I really enjoy it! I even got up to 10 miles and was like "whoa! 10 miles! I've never done that before!" But then, recently, I started running and after about 1 1/2 miles, my hip started to really hurt. Kinda like it was gonna dislocated. COOL! But not cool. So I took a week off. And then ran again in San Fran, ran some hills (omg the HILLS OUT THERE!) and it hurt again. So now I'm all dude, what is going on.

So I went to a sports doctor today and I found out a few things.

First: I could have a stress fracture. COOL! NOT AT ALL COOL. Cuz if that's the case then I have to stop running :(
Second: My left leg is significantly longer than my right (!! How did I go 27 years without knowing that! Everyone go to a sports doctor NOW! You might have an extra ear you never saw!) and therefore my left ankle is hyperextended and rotates when I run which makes my right leg and hip overcompensate. WOW. He had me lay on a table and showed me... my right ankle sits right on top of my left. It's like I have a retarded leg. Which leads me to...
Third: I might have to wear lifts. It's so Tom Cruise!! All I need is a crazy look in my eye and a submissive girlfriend. Oh and a FAKE BABY.

I learned so much today!

So there you have it. I am a walking medical mystery. At least until I get my x-ray and we figure out what it is.

Until then. Ah-dew.



Penrick said...

I will look for your story on House. Are you ready for his disposition? He rocks. Just imagine what your next blog would be like.

Anne said... of my legs is longer than the other too. i've noticed it before, but i recently cut off some jean shorts and had the hardest time getting them even b/c of the length difference. it's basically like i have two completely different legs. one ankle is slightly bigger than the other too...but you have to really pay attention to notice it. just thought i would share...we should join a different leg length support group.

Jeffrey Marx said...

I agree. I always have thought, even at my grumpiest of times, that everything happens for a reason and that evrything will work out for the best if you just belive it to be true. That and Tinkerbell will come back to life.