Thursday, June 23, 2005

The best part of waking up...

I never sleep well. Sometimes this is just a bad thing (i.e. bleary eyed for work the next day) and sometimes this is a terrible thing (fall down. fall down so many times.) but sometimes this means that I'm right between dreaming and being awake for most of the night and I have crazy dreams that I remember.

My dreams used to be more intricate and insane, now they're mostly me stuck in a car on the highway trying to find an exit that doesn't exist so I can get to a dentist and have the teeth that have fallen out of my head (and are still resting upon my tongue) reinstalled.

Today, for some reason, I was reminded of the most awesome dream that ever woke me up in my life.

I woke up laughing because I had a dream that Max Wright

Max Wright

was driving around my back yard in a teeny tiny truck.


His knees were sticking out and he just kept going around and around my yard.

Isn't that hilarious!?

Other people I'd love to see driving a tiny truck around my back yard include:

Fake Oprah


Baby Wrestler

baby wrestler

and Two Headed Kitty

two headed kitty


Lizbian said...

That fatty fat fat wrestling kid reminds me of the Dali painting of melting clocks, only instead of clocks, its the fattest arms ever, and instead of melting, its gravity.
P.S. I love Willie Tanner!

Anonymous said...

You and I both have this same thing in common: The wacky dreams and the lack of sleeps. It's so scary...but it's that cool kind of scary!

Ms McGoo