Monday, November 15, 2010


On any given day as I gently float down the streets of New York, falling flat on my face only occasionally to ensure all that I'm still human, you can find me with hot jams tickling my ear drums.  My steps punctuated by each firey beat, my fierce 'tude a mainline from the jam itself, the hits influence my very being.  I pound the pavement more often than I mold a chair so often the songs I choose carry me from first to last step and over the threshold to my home like a melodic groom.  I love music (and, yes, I would marry it) and so, by request from the lovely Ann Carr I present you with a few of my current obsessions in song or: My PLaserList.  (Pew pew pew... laser jams making a b-line to your brain!)

1. Girlfriend - Pebbles
My girl(friend) Pebbles knows how to tell it like it is!  I can think of a few times in the history of G that I should have heeded her fierce advice.  This song is way more than, "Cute.  Cute, cute, cute."

2. Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan
I mean, can this be my wedding song?  Would that be cool with you guys?  Cuz I might insist on it.  Let this song wrap its charms around you.

3. The Girls Want to Be With the Girls - Talking Heads
Oh David Byrne, you get me.  (Er... Us.)  Hearts.

4. The Glamorous Life - Sheila E
Sheila E is here to remind us that being strong, independant women with big thoughts, big dreams (and a big brown mercedes sedan?) is great, but don't forget the most important thing in life: love.  Amen, girl.

5. Whip My Hair - Willow Smith
Ain't no shame in loving this song, whip it with me y'all!

6. Your Love - Nicki Minaj
Shawty Imma only tell you this once, you the illest (dat for dat dat dude), and for your lovin' Imma Die Hard like Bruce Willis.  You dig?

7. Right as Rain - Adele
Totally infectious and danceable plus Adele's killer voice.  Hot!

8. Valerie - Mark Ronson
Darling, how can you resist!?  I know I've got a hot jam on my hands when my Dead Head, jam band-loving lover gets down with it.  You simply can't resist!

9. Can't Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera (ft. Lil' Kim)
This song has cheese pouring from it's bass licks, but it's insanely catchy and shoves girl power in your face.  Highly approve!

10. The Fame - Lady Gaga
Not the obvious choice, but my current obsession.  Boom!

11. Let's Stay Together - Tina Turner
Try not to think of her singing this to Ike and you'll do just fine.  Tinaaaa!

12. I Go To Rio - Peter Allen
You just can't stop this song!  Try it!  Go ahead and try it!  You can't, can you??  It's as hot as Rio!

13. I'm Not Your Toy - La Roux
This song is too good.  In fact I'd recommend the entire album.  Infectious beats, dangerous lyrics - dance hall Annie Lennox.  Totally obsessed.

14. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I just want to be drenched in sweat in the middle of the dance floor when this song comes on.  So hot.

15. Strut - Sheena Easton
Oh god this song is just... IT.  I can't listen to it sitting down - say, in a car - because I will bust out the door mid-drive and strut myself straight to the hospital.  It's that good.

And, at the risk of creating a hot one hundred hot list I'll stop at an even fifteen.  A nice, even fifteen.  (Shhh) Thus concludes my current music obsessions.  Enjoy!




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