Wednesday, March 18, 2009

L.A. Girls

My ladies - I just bought L.A. Girl Flare nail polish in neon pink for $5 from Urban Outfitters and it dries in about 30-seconds. It doesn't LAST that long, unfortunately, but when the touch-ups take less than a minute, who cares!

And speaking of LA Girls... I Eat Pandas is heading back to LA for more madcap fun Arpil 6-10! We have a show at Comedy Central Stages on April 7th at 8pm. And the best part - the show is free!! Good lookin' out, Pandas.

Photo by Anya Garrett
And that's all for now.



1 comment:

Kenny G. said...

So... who do I have to bribe, plead to, or other act of groveling towards... To ever have a shot at a show in the the Metro Deroit Area???

Pretty Please???

- Kenny G.