Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I wrote a post last year about the Year of No Fear. This was in the midst of me sitting through weekly therapy sessions saying things like "But what if..." and "I'm just afraid that if I do that..." I knew I wasn't really in the Year of No Fear no matter how many times I said it. But sometimes you just have to put those things out there. The thing I need to work on is being accountable for what I say and even what I write on this here blog.

For example?

Someone came up to me a few months ago and said, "oh hey, how did your SNL tape come out?" It took me a second of going "what the hell is this person talking about?" before I realized I had written that on my blog. It was part of my Year of No Fear! Going for something I was afraid of doing but had always wanted to. And now look at what's happened? They hired a new girl, someone I knew of and who did comedy in the same places I did, and I didn't even put myself out there. Rejection or not it's a far worse feeling to not have ever tried something, I'm finding.

So I've decided, with much hemming and hawing over holding myself accountable for this, that 2008 is the Year to GO FOR IT. Go team McMurray!

What does this mean for you, dear reader? Well, among other things, more blog posts. How's that for something? And more Glennis on camera. While putting together my reel (ahem, while MATT PUT IT TOGETHER - I love you honey) it became painfully clear how little on camera stuff I had been doing lately and how many ideas I had each day that I let slip by for one reason or another. Putting yourself out there is scary and I commend anyone who does it! Even if it garners a few negative responses (and let's face it, anonymity + a computer = instant asshole) you have to believe that these people are proud of what they've done. Eliza is one of the hardest working comedians I know right now, working hard on her own videos, constantly writing, always coming up with new ideas and I admire her for that. The people spouting their negativity should step away from the computer and try to create something unique and interesting for a change. Guess what? I guarantee you won't find Eliza sitting at her computer commenting on Youtube to make people feel shitty about what they're putting out there. She has better things to do.

So, as my first order of business in my Year to GO FOR IT I will indeed be working on characters for an SNL audition tape. I'm going to start posting a character once or twice a month (possibly more) on this blog and on a Youtube page. There. It's out there, McMurray! You are now accountable!

In addition to that I'll be putting myself out there further and GOing FOR IT even more hard core by auditioning for American Idol. There it is! It's out there! It's maybe not my ultimate dream but you know what? Neither is sitting here in an uninspiring office. Going out for American Idol is something interesting and fun... let's GO FOR IT!

So, are you ready for this or what? I am. My GO FOR IT hat is on and I'm about to toss it in the ring (and then put another one on to keep my head warm).

It's going to be a good year.



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Arjewtino said...

I'm glad Rocky V was such a big inspiration to you, Glennis.