Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's OVER!

2007 is over and what a year it was! I lost love, found love. Lost jobs, gained jobs. Gained a bunch of friends (don't think I lost any...) and most importantly gained a whole bunch of weight. Mmmmm pizza at 2am!

Highlights from the past two weeks:

1. Dinner with my mom, her husband Ben, my sister, her man Frank and Matt at Dallas BBQ on December 21st. My mom and her hubby arrived in NY (after driving from NC following a flight from New Mexico) at 4:30pm and by 6:00pm, as we were just finishing our meal, Ben went out to discover the car was GONE! GONE! The car was GONE! They parked in a no-parking zone from 4-7pm (oops we know how to read) and they towed our damn car. Every other car was still there but oh no, not ours. They had to miss my Christmas show and spent most of their night getting their car out of tow. $160 + a $70 ticket. What a racket!

2. A nearly sold-out I Eat Pandas show at UCB which made up for the fact that I had to work the 26th & 27th (taking a train back Christmas night to make it on time to a job you despise ain't the jam, y'all). There were only about 6 people in the audience that we knew which was AWESOME!

3. Getting drunk with friends after the aforementioned IEP show. Kate was at the show with her sister and sister's man who were visiting from LA. In addition to that my other favorites, the Burke family, showed up and took me DOWN. I was so drunk I got home at 2am, missed my 6:55am train (but really is that even necessary? a 7am train? PLEASE.) and finally got my sorry ass on a train at 8:30am. I didn't vomit but it was close.

4. Hanging out with Matt's family. What can I say? They made my Christmas amazing and I could never ever repay them. I tried to repay a little bit (because I can't ever just take something without mounds of guilt) by taking pictures of the Lord & Taylor windows for Matt's mom (she loves that stuff and couldn't make it to NY this year) but their internet is bad so they couldn't see them. So here:

5. Hanging out with little Grace. She's 8 months old and she's a McCarthy and I adore her. What a little PEACH!! I want one! Tomorrow! Ok, not tomorrow but jesus being around that kid made my uterus bananas for a kid. Speaking of uteri... we were blacked out early in our 2nd musical because poor Patrick couldn't see the clock. To keep the show going I just started singing the word I said when the lights went out over and over and over. That word was Uterus. Eliza joined in and it was a hoot. Hey guys... I hope we get a uteRUN at the theatre. Huh? Amirite??

6. Wedding on New Years Eve. Possibly the best NYE I've had. Matt and I went to his friend's wedding in Providence. We went shopping a few days before (at the mall dubbed Eliza and Glennis' mall because we had been there more times than Matt who GREW UP IN PROVIDENCE. Ok so what if he's a boy.) and I found the cutest dress for $28 for Forevsies 21 and cutest shoes (not $28) and threw that shit together last-minute (why didn't I bring something to wear knowing I had a wedding to attend? See: #3) and looked FIIIINE. Matt looked HOT and we rocked it. We were the jam. We rolled into the ceremony a little late and then, because there were 2 hours to kill, Matt, two of his friends and I went to a bar for pre-wedding drinks. As we were sitting there a story came up about how when we were in Chicago and Matt was driving me and his drunken friends home (see picture below for explanation as to why we were drunk off one beer)

I said, "you guys! I have the best song!" and proceeded to itrip my pod up and play "The Heat is On" by Mr. Kenny Loggins. NOW. I'm not sure when the last time you heard this song was but it, my friends, is AWESOME. Kenny Loggins was THE MAN. He sang Footloose AND The Heat Is On AND the theme from Caddyshack (I'm Alright) AND Dangerzone! COME ON! If nothing else he was the king of soundtrack songs!


After telling everyone what "the best" song was I got them excited for some Loggins (I think the beer helped) so Matt, his friend Vin and I got in our car (after almost stealing his friend Dan's girlfriend away for the ride - she loves the Logg too) and proceeded to jam to The Heat is On. THE Jam. After that song Vin asks if I have any other Loggins. DO I!? Ok I had one. Footloose. Which I started playing just as we rolled into the wedding and Matt, being the most fun boyfriend ever, rolled down the windows and BLASTED IT to announce our arrival. We later heard from his friend and his girlfriend that everyone standing outside was like "that is HILARIOUS." I think they especially liked the part where I stuck my head out the window and shouted a big yelping WOOOOOOH!!

To top the night off I requested Footloose and it was the last song the band played of 2007. THE JAM!!

7. Before I left for Christmas I recorded a Pop tarts VO so you should look out for me as a bratty little girl cooking a pop tart and I say something like "Ahhh! The smell of success!" (I also did some hmms and eep noises for the lady pop tart. And now you know... the REST of the story.)

Had a great train ride back and slept like a baby once back in my own NY bed. What a lovely vacation!

Hoping you all had good times galore. And remember, when life hands you lemons you jammonit and make some LOGGINS-aide!

(I'll quit. I swear.)

Have a great night! Happy New Year!



prs said...

don't mean to be a jerk...but isn't 'the heat is on' by glenn frey?

of course, this doesn't negate anything you said about loggins. his beard growing skills are matched only by his soundtrack song hook generating and performing.


Glennis said...

MY MIND IS BLOWN, PAUL! It is Glenn Frey! All this time I've been sitting her jamming on Loggins' log and now I find out I have to give equal props to G Frey! It's like when I found out my dad was Kenny Rogers and not Willie Nelson. BLOWING MY MIND.

Also, quit being such a jerk.