Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Slang - '08 Edition

I just coined a few new phrases and I'm sharing them with you!

Prrrthetic: When you do something really pathetic but it ends up making you look adorable. Example: I learned the lyrics to a bootie-blasting rap song that we play before I Eat Pandas so I could look awesome. Do I? Indeed I do. Prrrrr. (thetic) Also, I want to be on a TV show but not because I want to be famous but because everyone on TV shows have iPhones. And I want an iPhone. Pretty prrrrthetic!

Be-bong: "Beyond" for stoners. Dude... that last piece of pizza was BE-BONG good.

Out-RegisandKathyLee: When something is so outrageous it's OUTREGISANDKATHYLEE. Am I old? I am right? Cuz I didn't say OUTREGISANDKELLY. (Matty helped me coin that one. I give props where props is due!)


Oh and if you want more mind bending comedy like that come to my show tonight! In 1.5 hours! It will be be-bong good!

I EAT PANDAS in: WE CLASSY (same show, different name)
Tonight at 9:30pm
UCB Theatre
307 West 26th Street @ 8th Avenue



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