Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Dirty Mouth

Hey guys!

I shot this a while ago for Hungry Man Productions and I still haven't watched it (since it's NSFW and my internet at home SUCKS) but I've been told it's really funny! The amazingly talented Alex Kuciw directed it and I think wrote it and wow is that guy talented! (I really mean that but he told me I had to talk him up and boost his ego on my blog. Oooooh... yaburnt, Alex!)

I had to wear this cool camera head-piece thing and it made me think of scenes from Requiem for a Dream. Bukaki Party! Omg I am so totally kidding.

So anyway, here's how you can watch it:

Go to the and either A) click on the static TV, B) click on the TV dials, or C) click on the words ‘hmTV’ at the top. Any of these options brings up the channel guide that shows what shows are available.

Then click on the arrow on the right side of the guide to scroll over to 'Channel 04 - Mouthpieces’ and watch the episode called "Password."

Hope you enjoy it!



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