Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Great Motivator

My blog totally has a crush on Jason Mulgrew's blog. Every time she reads it she's all, "Glennis! He is so damaged and funny!" and I'm all yeah I know, blog. We don't need any more of that! So just be happy I let you read it and stop being a little bitch.

Also, if you guys aren't reading my friend Liz's blog I'm not sure what the deal is. Do you hate being happy? She recently recounted our trip to Orlando and I have to say it was an awesome read and I was there.

Yesterday, as I was googschattin with Kate, we decided that we were going to start motivating each other on one thing we're having trouble keeping up with in our lives. Kate's an amazing writer but doesn't do nearly enough of it. I hate working out unless it's walking downstairs to pick up the delivery I just ordered from, so we decided that we're going to keep each other on track with these things. Each day I'll give Kate a topic to write on as well as tell her what I did at the gym the day before. For example today I'll tell her how I stayed on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes because it was next to a cute boy I wanted to talk to me (I'm pretty sure he was gay. That's my reasoning for any man I find attractive not reciprocating. Or he thought I was fat. Just you wait, you vain sonofabitch. Just you wait.) and then took a Total Body Conditioning class for 45 minutes. Overkill? I think not. Remember, I had stuffed a 350 calorie muffin in my face earlier in the day just to prove a point. Imagine what the rest of my caloric intake looked like that day!

So, I urge you guys to start this motivation game with someone. Cuz I know there's something in everyone's life they have trouble keeping on top of. And if you say you have trouble remembering when to eat I really might lose it.

Short post today. Maybe I'll be back later with more. Like how my bathroom doesn't have an outlet. Right, Jeffrey?? I mean, come on!

Here, because I'm being lazy with my post, please enjoy this picture of Heidi Klum.

You are all special.



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Jeffrey Marx said...

No outlet in the potty room is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Except for that time I saw a girl having sex with a donkey in Tiajuana.